This banking application will be almost mandatory tomorrow


Postbank has been advising consumers for some time that the popular chipTAN action plan will be deactivated. But now the time has come: “We are activating Postbank’s chipTAN security process on 05/24/2022 finally released,” the Postbank now announces.

From May 24, 2022, millions of banking customers will only be able to obtain their accounts on the Internet, approve orders, view account transactions and obtain account statements with Postbank BestSign. To ensure that you can take action, it is ideal to implement Postbank’s BestSign technique now. To do this, you will need an app offered for Android and iOS.

Upgrade to BestSign for free

Postbank also draws attention to changes to the online banking portal.

Chart: CHIP

Online banking transactions must be explicitly confirmed. For many years you were able to do this at Postbank with the chipTAN method. But it will soon be a legacy. Postbank also highlights the change in outlook in the online banking portal. The only choice for this is the BestSign processing, which is available in two variants:

  • With apps: The completely free method is to use the BestSign app, which you want to link to your account. Whenever confirmation is essential, the app will show a notification. You can then tap on it and approve the transactions.
  • With additional unit: If you wish, you can also use BestSign with an additional device that allows you to release transactions at the touch of a button. From a security point of view, this is not a bad idea, but the Seal-A nobody unit intended for this costs around 30 euros.

We will show you how to set up the BestSign system step by step during this set up.

Suggestions: Anyone who now works using Postbank’s economic assistant application can also use an integrated BestSign via the settings. Edge: No longer will you have to laboriously switch between apps to secure lender transactions on your mobile phone.


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