Tekkis wants to offer the easiest and fastest way to accept secure and verified digital payments


Tekkis is a new in town payment platform and claims to be the first unified digital payment and identity verification platform in Southeast Asia. With the rise of e-wallets and the use of contactless payment cards, Tekkis wants to empower businesses to collect and accept payments securely and transparently. Additionally, they also offer an integrated Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) tool to ensure businesses are dealing with real customers and not bots.

Tekkis T-Pay payment gateway

There are many digital payment providers in the market right now and Tekkis aims to provide a seamless solution that can be integrated into any website or app or even as a QR code. At the moment, they accept card payments including MasterCard and Visa, popular e-wallets such as GrabPay, TNG eWallet, and Boost, and online banking through FPX. The platform also supports Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) installment options through Atom.

One of the main highlights is the ability for small businesses to request payment by sending a predefined link. This is great for social media based businesses where they can just send a link instead of the manual process of sharing their bank details. The link can be personalized with a preset amount for a more seamless experience and customers can choose to pay with their preferred channels such as FPX, credit card or e-wallet.

Tekkis is positioning T-Pay as a one-stop solution to enable businesses to accept a wide variety of payments without the need to open multiple eWallet merchant accounts or request card terminals. As a result, business owners can save time and view all transactions on a single dashboard. Their QR payment solution at the moment is not based on DuitNow QR but it is linked to a web payment page where the customer will enjoy a wider variety of payment options including online banking and credit cards.

Tekkis T-Verify eKYC solution

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is fake accounts that are often registered by bots or scammers. If your business needs eKYC, Tekkis offers an integrated solution that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR), facial recognition and artificial intelligence. By using multiple verifications, T-Verify can help enable the acquisition of new verified users and all they need is to take a photo of their ID and face. At the moment, T-Verify is able to support Malaysian IC (MyKad), Driver’s License and Passports. They are working on supporting international IDs soon and it looks like license plate recognition is also in the works.

Typically, business owners or applications have to deal with different vendors to enable eKYC, which adds more complexity and development time. Since Tekkis is a unified platform that offers both payment gateway and eKYC, businesses would only need to deal with one party and sign one NDA, resulting in seamless integration faster.

Tekkis also shared that one of its ultimate goals is to enable cross-verification sharing between different merchants for a seamless customer experience. For example, if a customer has already completed eKYC with a T-Verify enabled merchant, they will not need to verify again if they are registering with another merchant using the same platform.

There has been a concern over the capture of payment card details on payment gateways following a recent data breach with a major platform. Tekkis is aware of consumer concerns and they have ensured that sensitive information is stored in encrypted and hashed databases so that the data is safe in the event of a breach. Additionally, they also continuously build blockers in the space to ensure that the data always remains private.

Competitive pricing for a secure payment and verification solution

Tekkis claims to have one of the most affordable transaction fees around, making it attractive for small businesses to get started. According to their website, there are no upfront or annual fees, and you only have to pay when there is a transaction. The FPX online banking transaction costs RM 0.80 each. Meanwhile, credit and debit cards as well as eWallet transactions cost 2.00% or RM 0.80. AMEX cards are also accepted, but with a higher fee of 2.80% or RM1.50. To offer BNPL, it costs 7% or RM1.00.

For those who want to use T-Verify’s built-in eKYC feature, they offer a pay-as-you-go pricing of RM2.20 per API call. Similar to T-Pay, there are no setup, monthly or hidden fees and the total charge is based on usage. New T-Verify onboarded customers will receive RM500 credit to get started and it comes with T-Verify ID and T-Verify Face verification.

Tekkis also offers individual pricing for T-Verify ID at RM1.00 per API call or T-Verify Face at RM1.50 per API call. Businesses with large monthly volumes can request custom pricing to get a better rate. To learn more about Tekkis and its digital payment offering, you can visit the official website.


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