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Is Streitwise Right For You?

Streitwise is a real estate investment platform offering professionally managed real estate investment funds (REITs) for accredited and non-accredited investors in the United States and abroad.

It offers a REIT consisting of properties in Missouri and Indiana, and it also allows cryptocurrency holders to invest with bitcoin or ethereum.

The Streitwise mobile application is available on ios devices.

Unsure if Streitwise is for you? Read on to see how it compares to other platforms.

How? ‘Or’ What Streitwise compare?

Streitwise, RealtyMogul, and DiversyFund are all competitive choices for real estate investing. All platforms give you access to assets like REITs, but each company’s fees, minimum requirements, and available investments vary.

If you are only focusing on passive REIT investments, Streitwise and DiversyFund might be suitable options. Although both only offer one REIT, DiversyFund has lower fees. However, Streitwise offers a wider range of account types and also supports non-US traders.

Like Streitwise, RealtyMogul also has a $ 5,000 requirement, but it offers lower fees and access to investments such as individual properties and 1,031 private placements.

Ways to invest with Streitwise

Self-managed investment

Streitwise offers an equity REIT that contains commercial property in St. Louis, Missouri, and commercial property in Indianapolis, Indiana. This REIT is available to accredited and non-accredited investors in all countries, and its dividend / yield target is 8-9%.

Note that Streitwise requires you to purchase a minimum of 500 shares to participate in the offering. Since the current stock price is $ 10.13, you’ll need at least $ 5,065 to get started. And when it comes to its account types, it supports individual and joint accounts, trusts, business / institutional accounts, and IRAs.

Some real estate investment platforms require that you hold your shares for at least five years, but you can sell your shares after one year, thanks to Streitwise’s share buyback program. Additionally, you can also automate dividend reinvestment by signing up for its dividend reinvestment program.

When it comes to funding, Streitwise accepts multiple payment methods, including cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. It only accepts ACH transfers for US bank accounts, but all customers can use wire transfers.

Self-directed IRAs

Streitwise also allows its users to invest in its REIT through SDIRAs (SDIRAs also offer a traditional and Roth option, but they differ from regular IRAs as they allow you to hold alternative investments like real estate, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and other assets).

Additionally, if you have a 401 (k), you can transfer its funds to an SDIRA for investing. There is another option, however, if you don’t want to roll over your 401 (k). You may be able to invest directly through your 401 (k), but you will need to connect your provider to Streitwise to see if it is possible to do so.

The 3% and 2% fees also apply to its IRA offers, but you may also incur fees from your IRA’s custodian.

Educational and investment resources

If you want to learn more about real estate investing and other related topics, Streitwise has a huge collection of articles that help you do just that.

He currently provides articles on business news, education and advanced investing. Some of his available positions are as follows:

You can access these posts whether or not you have an account.

East Streitwise reliable?

Streitwise currently has an A + rating with the Better Business Bureau. Ratings range from A + to F, indicating that by BBB standards the investment platform interacts exceptionally well with its clients.

The office analyzes several factors when examining businesses. These include the type of business, time spent in the business, history of customer complaints, licensing and government actions, and advertising issues. However, BBB ratings do not guarantee that a business will be reliable or successful, so doing your due diligence is just as important.

Streitwise’s record appears to be free of major scandals or lawsuits. In addition, his BBB profile shows that he has not received any complaints.



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