Lost $16,000: Western Springs woman found out she was scammed


Western Spring – A Western Springs senior was robbed of more than $16,000 in a phone scam last week, police said.

The victim was a 74-year-old woman who lives in the 5800 block of Wolf Road.

The woman called the police on Thursday to report the scam.

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According to the police report, the woman received a call on Wednesday from a man who claimed to be from the company the woman used for virus protection of her computer.

The man told her that the business was closing. He said the woman needed to sign up for an online banking service to be refunded the money from the last service she purchased, according to the report.

Find out what’s happening in Western Springswith free real-time Patch updates.

The next day, the woman signed up for online banking using her Fifth Third Bank account and spent about three hours with the man. At the end of their call, the man told the woman he did not work for the company and that she had just been scammed, police said.

The number used by the scammer was disconnected after their conversation.

The woman then called Fifth Third Bank, who told her that $16,400 had been withdrawn from her checking account, according to the report. Subsequently, she canceled the online banking service.

The police advised him to ask the bank to freeze his accounts and provide him with new account numbers.

According to the police, the case will be transmitted to the investigators.

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