Legendary Financial Advisor Ric Edelman Releases Video Showing Teens How To Stop College From Ruining Their Lives


1 New York Times Best-selling author of 12 books and award-winning talk show host reveals how college can put teens on the path to success — or financial ruin and regret

GREAT FALLS, Va., November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Twenty years after leaving college, half of former students still owe $20,000 in student loans and 17% are in default on their loans. Worse still, 15% of all retiree debt is student loans and 200,000 retirees have had their Social Security checks seized due to non-payment.

To help adolescents avoid this fate, Eric Edelman has published Preparing Teens For Their Future: How To Stop College From Ruining Their Lives, a free masterclass that shows high school students the true cost of college, including hidden expenses, and how to minimize costs so they can graduate debt-free. Edelman, America’s most acclaimed financial advisor, also shows students how to choose the right college and field of study to maximize the benefits of graduating from college.

“The goal is not to go to college. The goal is to graduate as quickly as possible, debt-free and on the dean’s list with a degree that leads to a career in a field in which you want to work,” Edelman said. “Unfortunately, few parents and high school guidance counselors talk about college in this context, and that’s why I created this Master Class.”

Edelman’s Master Class is his third, joining The truth about Crypto and Financial planning in the age of longevity. Edelman’s fourth, Ensuring retirement security in the 21st century, premieres this month. For more information visit, TheTruthAYF.com.

About Eric Edelman
Eric Edelman is one of the most influential people in the financial planning and investment management profession, according to Investment Advisor, RIABizand Investment News. He has been ranked the country’s top independent financial adviser three times by Barrons, is in two Industry Halls of Fame and received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the IARFC. He also holds two patents for financial product innovation.

Edelman is the best financial educator in the industry. He is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 12 books on personal finance, including his most recent, The truth about Crypto, an Amazon bestseller. It hosts The truth about your future podcast and produces specials for public television. He taught personal finance at Georgetown University for nine years and is Distinguished Lecturer at Rowan University. He and his wife Jean live in Northern Virginia.

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