Georgia Fintech CEO Named Innovator of the Year at Bank Customer Experience Summit


CONYERS, Ga., October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEO of Novae Recce McCambry was named Innovator of the Year at the Bank Customer Experience Summit 2022 in Chicago last month. The win comes just weeks after Novae was named one of Inc 5000’s fastest growing companies in America for the second year in a row.

The Banking Customer Experience Summitorganized each year at Chicagofeatures keynote speakers like this year’s Clinton ChengGlobal Head of Visa’s PLUS/ATM Network, which serves 3 billion cardholders worldwide and 2019 Brown marbue, head of customer experience at Chase. This is the perfect place for people in the banking industry who want to provide their customers with an exceptional experience.

Innovations in the industry have evolved at a breakneck pace in recent years between the rapid advance of digital technology and the profound influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes in how businesses accept payments and how customers interact with banks have been profound.

That makes McCambry’s win particularly impressive. His relatively young US company, founded in 2014 independently of other banking and financial institutions, was in the company of 200-year-old financial institution KeyBank and global giant CR2 as its apex. laureate.

Novae has spent the past few years rolling out new fintech offerings with astonishing speed. What started primarily as a financial education company now offers assistance in obtaining business and personal loans, consumer financing options for businesses that sell high-priced products and services, and banking services. online that probably played the decisive role in McCambry’s price.

Novae’s online banking is designed specifically for unbanked and underbanked Americans – those who may live in neighborhoods without many in-person banking branches and who may struggle with transportation, getting out of work during off-hours office and other major barriers preventing low-income, high-income people from accessing banking services.

McCambry’s solution is to offer a 100% online service allowing customers to sign up for FDIC-insured bank accounts from their computers or smartphones. But the real success is Novae’s agreement with retailers such as Dollar General to allow customers to deposit money into their online bank accounts at Dollar General stores. These neighborhoods now effectively have Novae bank branches in the same places where their residents often do their shopping.

Having himself grown up in a low-income neighborhood where residents struggled to access the financial services available to their wealthier neighbors, McCambry became emotional when speaking about his award.

“Wow. It took a lot of work to roll out these products, but it was so worth it. We will transform communities across the country and the world with greater access to financial services. God is good.”

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