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For Exchange Bank & Trust Chairman Mark Windsor, the coming New Years Eve is a big milestone. When close of business that day, he will conclude his 40-year tenure with the bank, simultaneously handing over the presidential baton to his longtime colleague on the Stock Exchange, Charles “Chuck” Swinford.

Windsor’s career with Exchange, 600 Commercial St., Atchison, spans almost a quarter of the bank’s 165-year history. After a stint as Senior Vice President of the State Bank of Lancaster in Lancaster, Kan., He joined Exchange as Vice President of Consumer Lending in 1981. He then held various other management positions and was promoted to President in 2007, succeeding Rich Dickason, who has been appointed and continues to serve as Managing Director.

Swinford has worked for Exchange for over 30 years and is currently Executive Vice President of Loans, as well as President of the Bank’s Branch Market in Effingham, Easton and Troy, Kan., And Rushville, Mo.

Commenting on the upcoming transition at the helm of the bank, Dickason said, “We are very happy for Mark and Chuck and proud of all of their accomplishments here. From his early days at Exchange, Mark worked and trained diligently to achieve his goal and prove that he was capable of serving as President. I am very fortunate that he chose this path, ultimately becoming my successor and playing an important leadership role in helping to extend the bank’s long history of progress.

Dickason continued, “With his team, Mark has focused on improving our services and developing our relationships with clients. These are two key areas that Chuck will continue to focus heavily on in his role as president. We extend our congratulations to Mark as he looks forward to some well-deserved time off, and to Chuck as he prepares to apply his vast knowledge and abilities to his newly appointed position here.

Reflecting on his four-decade career at Exchange, Windsor said: “For the vast majority of my adult life I have been very fortunate to be a part of this exceptional banking institution and its exceptional staff and clients. marvellous. While I miss my Exchange Bank & Trust family and our collective role of providing client-centric banking services to residents of my hometown and surrounding areas, I look forward to catching up with a number of other activities, especially in enjoying more rounds of golf, traveling and spending more time with my daughter, Averie, her husband, John, and my twin grandchildren, Reese and Miller.

Windsor expressed his deep appreciation “for so many growth opportunities within the bank”, and said he was “very pleased that Exchange is in the very capable and capable hands of Chuck going forward”.

When he started at Exchange, Windsor’s main mentors were Dickason and Swinford’s father, the late Ed Swinford, who served as senior vice president for several years.

“I find it both pleasantly interesting and ironic that the son of one of my main mentors will soon succeed me in my current role at Exchange,” Windsor said. “It’s like a story that came full circle with a very pleasant and rewarding start, middle and end.”

Windsor added, “I have learned a lot from Rich and Ed and will be eternally grateful for their patience while teaching me the intricacies and details of banking. They also reinforced my sense and value of community and the importance of listening to our customers and determining the best ways to serve them.

Founded in 1856 when Kansas was still a territory, the Exchange is the oldest business in Atchison and the oldest such institution in the state. For 10 consecutive years, it has been recognized as “Best of the Best” among local banks in an annual survey conducted by the Atchison Globe.

Windsor is proud of all of these accolades and says the Globe honor is one that is particularly dear to her, as it reflects the success of our efforts to consistently and effectively respond to changing customer needs locally, as well as across the board. a larger geographic region. These efforts have included several measures to keep up with expectations and technological developments in the banking sector, he explained.

“New technologies and methods of bringing convenience and efficiency to an increasingly mobile society are the main drivers of the newer and ongoing improvements that our team has put in place at Exchange,” noted Windsor. “Meanwhile,” he said, “measures to ensure the security of customer accounts continue to be of the highest priority.”

Online banking capabilities are among the most notable changes Windsor said it has witnessed in its four decades with the bank. Others, he noted, and which he attributed to the “visionary foresight of our board of directors and the hard work of our leaders and dedicated staff,” include the growth of the bank’s assets. , which has grown from $ 107 million 15 years ago to nearly $ 575 million today, and the expansion of the one-stop main bank and drive-thru facility at Atchison to seven other locations that, in addition to Easton, Effingham and Troy, Kan., and Rushville, Mo, include Leavenworth and Lansing, Kan., and Platte City, Mo.

Over the years, Windsor has applied its talents and expertise to a number of professional and community improvement initiatives. He is currently a member of the Kansas Bankers Association (KBA) Benefits Committee, former Chairman of the KBA Banking Management Committee, and former President of the Schools of Banking, a regional organization founded by the KBA and the Nebraska Bankers Association.

He is also chair of the Atchison Region Economic Development Committee and a member of the Riverbend Regional Healthcare Foundation, Mo-Kan Regional Council, Atchison Riverfront Development Foundation, Electronic Community Committee and Loans Committee. from the town of Atchison and the Atchison Kiwanis club.

After graduating from Atchison High School, Windsor attended Kansas State University, Manhattan, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1976. Before entering banking industry , he worked in the former Ramsey’s clothing store, located in downtown Atchison and owned and operated by his late father, Jack Windsor. “This experience helped me develop my interest in business, ultimately orienting me towards my career in banking,” he said.

Swinford’s familiarization and interest in banking began at a young age thanks to his father’s work at Exchange. He also views agriculture as an early influencing factor in determining his career path, as he grew up in an agricultural environment in Doniphan County where he was directly exposed to banking needs and the demands of farmers and other rural residents.

Immediately after graduating from the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Kan., Where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting in 1986, Swinford accepted the position of loan officer at the former Easton State Bank, now Easton, Kan., Exchange branch. He left the bank for a short time, returning to the Easton plant as vice president in 1992.

After being promoted to senior vice president in 2007, Swinford moved to Exchange’s main bank in Atchison. He was promoted to his current post in 2015.

“I have truly enjoyed my many years with Exchange and look forward to doing my part to continue the bank’s legacy of providing the best customer service our communities have come to expect,” said Swinford.

“As I prepare to take on my new responsibilities,” he added, “I congratulate Mark on his long and exceptional career at Exchange and express my gratitude for the opportunity to fulfill the role he has played here. with the greatest professionalism and the greatest care towards staff and clients. I am also deeply grateful for the opportunity I had to follow in my father’s footsteps and go further by assuming my new role at Exchange. He would be proud, a feeling that I hope will help continue to inspire all those associated with this long-standing, customer-oriented bank.

A reception in honor of Windsor and in recognition of Swinford’s advancement to President will be hosted by Exchange at a later date.

Exchange Bank & Trust is a member of the FDIC and equal real estate lender.



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