Chandigarh Housing Council introduces online dues payment system: The Tribune India



Tribune press service
Chandigarh, July 7

Chandigarh Housing Board has introduced the possibility of paying all kinds of contributions online. Now, beneficiaries are not required to visit the Chandigarh Housing Board office and can pay their contributions online by visiting the CHB website

2. The CHB has decided that to further encourage online payments, the CHB continues with a monthly reward of Rs. 1,000 / – each to 10 online payment transactions throughout the year 2021.

3. The online payment process has been further simplified and now online payment can be done without making any registration or going through the user ID and password process. The “QUICK ONLINE PAYMENT” option has been provided. The beneficiary / applicant must mention the category, sector and unit number only while leaving the details such as beneficiary name, registration number and program name will be filled in automatically. An automatically generated SMS is sent with each successful payment and the payment receipt can be downloaded instantly. Online payments can be made via Net Banking, debit cards and credit cards at no additional cost.

4. The online payment system was introduced in October 2019 and during the month of June 2021 a total of Rs. 2.21 crore was collected through 1021 online transactions. This is the highest monthly online collection on record since the introduction of the online payment system. Previously the highest online payment was recorded as Rs. 1.52 crore in May 2021 and before that as Rs. 1.32 crore in March 2021.

4. A computerized raffle to determine the 10 winners for the month of June took place today. It has been observed that:

I. Among the winners, one deposited the lowest amount of Rs. 800 / – only.

ii. The 10 winners include 07 beneficiaries of Small Flats, 03 beneficiaries of Residential Units.

iii. 03 winners are from MALOYA, 03 from DHANAS, 01 from Sector-38-W, 45-B, 49 and Sector 51-A.

iv. One of the winners is a woman who was awarded an apartment in Sector 51, being the highest bidder in the last electronic tender in June 2021 only. She deposited part of the amount of the consideration online and immediately got this prize.

5. The winners are notified separately and the prize money will be credited to their bank accounts, via online banking, in the coming days.

6. All beneficiaries of the Chandigarh Housing Council are again requested to use the online payment service while paying the dues / fees to the Chandigarh Housing Council.



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