Cadence Bank opens full-service branch in Birmingham’s Titusville district



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Cadence Bank ribbon cutting event in Birmingham’s historic Titusville district. Photo by Crystal Smitherman

Birmingham-based Cadence Bank has opened a new full-service branch in the historic community of Titusville in Birmingham.

“I’m a fifth generation Titusville resident, and I know my great-grandmother who lived in Woodland Park for decades would smile at us knowing we were able to get another bank here in District Six,” s exclaimed Crystal, Birmingham City Councilor. Smitherman in an interview with Bham Now.

The Heritage Town Center branch is located at 873 Dennison Avenue SW, Suite 101, Birmingham, Alabama 35211.

The full-service branch provides residential and business loans, as well as personal and business banking services.

The Cadence Bank site offers a diversified portfolio of services including:

  • Cadence Bank Affordable Home Loan Program,
  • Quick decision small business loan
  • Electronic cadence control
  • And a Cadence LIVE Teller ATM at the wheel, a first for this historic community. The LIVE Teller allows customers to speak remotely with a cashier to complete almost any transaction they could do inside the branch, but faster and more efficiently.
Cadence bank
Cadence Bank ribbon cutting event in Birmingham’s historic Titusville district. Photo by Crystal Smitherman

More than a bank, the Cadence Heritage Town Center branch has a community hall where complementary financial education classes and workshops on homeownership, credit, budgeting, investing and more will be held. .

Courses and workshops for small business owners will further support the region’s economic development. In addition, the tech-equipped community hall, which can accommodate approximately 18 people, will serve as a gathering place for community and neighborhood engagement activities.

Cadence bank
New Cadence Bank Heritage Town Center branch. Photo by Crystal Smitherman

“I am very grateful that Cadence Bank has faith in a black community,” added Smitherman.

She noted that the new branch will improve financial literacy within the community and promote economic development.

Eula Jackson, Senior Vice President and Head of Community Development at Cadence, concluded: “Our new branch will meet the needs of underserved people in two historically important communities, providing them with access to financial services that can play a vital role in inspire financial empowerment, break the cycle of poverty and build stronger communities.

Welcome to Cadence Bank at the Heritage Town Center in the community of Titusville! Tag Bham Now, with photos and words of support.



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