AG Ellison Shuts Down Fraudulent Minnesota Student Loan Debt Settlement Company


ST. PAUL, MN (Valley News Live) – Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced Thursday that his office had won a settlement, forcing a California-based student debt relief company to repay its Minnesota clients and cease his activities.

This after the company collected fees from customers and misrepresented its services.

Express Enrollment, LLC, doing business as SLFD Processing – a company based in Santa Ana, Calif. – allegedly falsely promised consumers student loan forgiveness, when only the federal government can forgive federal student loans.

In reality, the attorney general alleges that all the company did was enroll consumers in federal reimbursement programs that consumers can enroll in for free, and then pocket exorbitant fees for doing so.

He also collected his fees in advance before performing the promised services, which is illegal under Minnesota law governing debt settlement services. Additionally, SLFD Processing was operating without being registered as a debt settlement service provider, as required by Minnesota law.

The settlement, filed in Ramsey County District Court, requires SLFD Processing to immediately pay the state $50,000, which the attorney general’s office will use to compensate consumers.

The settlement also requires SLFD Processing to cease operations in Minnesota unless and until it registers as a debt settlement service provider.

“Minnesota residents take out student loans in good faith so they can get an education that will help them support themselves. We are showing once again that when companies take advantage of this good faith to scam Minnesotans, we will prosecute them,” Attorney General Ellison said. “I encourage any Minnesotan who has fallen prey to this company or others like it to contact my office so we can hold these bad actors accountable.”

Student loan debt relief companies often charge consumers hundreds or thousands of dollars in illegal upfront fees to enroll them in repayment plans or consolidation loans that all eligible federal borrowers can apply for on their own. same for free through the US Department of Education.

Often, these companies trick consumers into thinking the fee will be used to pay off consumer student loan debt, when the companies are actually pocketing the fee.

This settlement marks the eleventh time the Minnesota Attorney General’s office has shut down a fraudulent student debt relief company in Minnesota.

Attorney General Ellison encourages anyone victimized by SLFD treatment to contact his office by calling (651) 296-3353 or (800) 657-3787, or by submitting a complaint form on the Attorney General’s website at address https://www.

The Office of the Attorney General encourages borrowers to visit its website for additional information on how to avoid student loan scams, including a publication called Student loan service companies that charge high fees for what you can do for free.

Student loan borrowers can access the United States Department of Education website – – for additional information on federal loan repayment programs students available free of charge to all eligible borrowers.


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