8 of the best (and worst) deals at Ralphs


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Ralphs, a subsidiary of Kroger and part of a family of grocers including Fred Meyer and Harris Teeter, is located primarily in Southern California. Like Kroger, Ralphs is focused on helping customers save through discounts and coupons, including through Kroger’s rewards debit card.

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Like any grocer, Ralphs has bargains and also items best avoided. Here are eight of the best (and worst) deals at Ralphs, so you can get your money’s worth the next time you shop.

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The best deals at Ralphs

To get the most out of your money at Ralphs, here are some of the best deals to have.

Seasonal products

“Buying seasonal produce is a good bet at Ralphs and just about anywhere you buy your produce,” said Katie Roberts, consumer analyst at DealNews. “You can expect the supply of these items to be at their peak when they are in season and you should be on the lookout for bargains. For example, we found deals on blueberries and strawberries – which are in season right now – in the Ralphs weekly ad.

Offers “Spend and save”

“Ralphs has a slew of deals for buyers who want to buy in bulk,” Roberts said. “For example, you take advantage of ‘Spend and Save’ offers, where you buy a certain dollar amount of a product and get a discount — or even an e-gift card.”

Final cost offers

“Ralphs also offers ‘final cost’ deals, which give you a discount on a product if you buy a certain quantity — often two to four of the item,” Roberts said. “Additionally, Ralphs lets you use some of its digital coupons up to five times in a single transaction, and it offers ‘buy one, get one.’ Just make sure you have your Ralphs Card with you to take advantage of the discounts or make sure you have opened an online rewards account. And before you buy multiples of a product, make sure you’ll actually use it!

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“Cereals are another great buy since they’re usually $1 (or more) off favorites, such as Cap’N Crunch, Life, Frosted Flakes, and Fruity Pebbles,” said Michael Bell, Founder and CEO. from Manukora. “Check online before you go to the store.”

10 for $10 School Supplies

Back to school is right around the corner, and you can save big on school supplies at Ralphs by taking advantage of its 10 for $10 deal. The best part is that many of the school supplies at this price are name brands, so the savings potential is even greater. For example, for $1 each, you can get a 3-pack of Elmer Washable School Glue Sticks, a 10-pack of Crayola® Broad Line Classic Color Markers, a matching Five Star Pocket Folder, and a 2-pack of Sharpie Smear. Guard. Chisel tip highlighters.

The worst deals at Ralphs

It’s true that you can pick up a lot of bargains at Ralphs, but the retailer also has some items you should forego.


“If you really enjoy reading a particular magazine, it’s worth getting an actual subscription rather than grabbing a number on the magazine rack at the grocery store,” Roberts said. “For example, we found an issue of People magazine listed on the Ralphs website that costs $5.99. Compare that to the subscription price directly from the official People store, which gives you a one-year subscription. year for as little as $1.75 per issue. That’s a huge difference!

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Pre-cut products

“Ralphs has plenty of pre-cut fruits and vegetables to choose from, and they definitely earn points for their convenience,” Roberts said. “The problem is that they tend to cost more per pound than you would pay for the product itself. Your wallet will certainly be happier if you forego pre-cut products and buy the whole fruit or vegetable that you would like to eat.

Gifts at checkout

“Those candy bars and packets of chewing gum in the checkout area of ​​the grocery store are designed to be impulse buys, and you can expect them to cost more per unit than candy in the grocery store. candy aisle; the latter tends to come in larger packages that give you more bang for your buck,” Roberts said.

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